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Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Launched, Brings back SD Card, WaterProofing and more

The Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 edge have been launched with pre-orders expected from today ,23 February.The actual release date can be calendared  in for the 11th of March. Get the Gear VR headset and six virtual reality games ,with every pre-order of the S7 and s7 edge complimentary from the Samsung company.

Galaxy s7 & S7 Edge


Comparison of the S7 and S7 edge


This year there is a marked difference in the size of the two latest flagship designs to be launched.The Samsung S7 is a 5.1 inch phone,similar to its previous counterpart Samsung S6,meanwhile the Samsung S7 edge is 5.5 inches.In addition to the increase in size the Samsung S7 edge has had a upgrade from its previous counterpart with the replacement of the flat back and sharp edges design to a more curved rear that enables it to better grasp the curved screen edges,thereby enabling users a better and more comfy grip.
Both the S7 and S7 edge look very similar to each other from the rear view,excluding the difference in size,however the Samsung S7 is flat from the front.
Both the Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 edge are Super AMOLED with resolutions of 2560 by 1440 (Quad HD).

This year in addition to the added feature in both phones of being waterproof(for up to 30minutes submersion in a depth of up to 1.5 metres),they are also both dust proof.

The Galaxy S7 has dimensions 142.4 by 69.6by 7.9 mm ,with a weight of 152g,meanwhile the Samsung S7 edge has dimensions of 150.9 by 72.6 by 7.7mm, with a weight of 157g.

In addition to these features the Camera module is less protruded (0.46mm)in this year’s phones.
Samsung s7 & S7 edge

This year Samsung has shifted back to the Qualcomm processor (the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC) in addition 4GB of RAM..

In addition to this ,an added bonus for game lovers is a watercooling system to prevent overheating of GPU during games.

The Samsung has a 3000 mAh battery whereas the Samsung S7 edge has a 3600 mAh battery (enabling the S7 edge to play HD videos in continuation for up to 13 hrs).

A recent feature added to these two phones is an Always-on display which enables the continued display of screen,time and date as well as notifications even when your phone has been switched off,and this feature only uses a minimal 1% of your battery per hour of usage.

Both these phones come with the wireless in addition to the wired charging options.

Samsung s7
Camera modifications

This year Samsung has decreased the number of megapixels in the camera to 12 megapixels,however each pixel is greater this year therefore enabling more light to be detected,in addition to an aperture of f1.7,therefore allowing for better performance in the dark and where there is low lighting.

The front camera on both the Samsung S7 and S7 edge have the 5 megapixel sensor in addition to an f1.7 aperture.

Galaxy s7 Camera

Software upgrade

The software used in both the Samsung S7 and S7 edge is the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Samsung has incorporated its Game Launcher feature ,whereby enabling users to decide whether or not they want to attend a phone call during a game ,in addition to launching Android titles.

You can now scroll through apps,tasks, latest news feeds quicker and with more ease with the addition of the new sidebar options.

Galaxy s7 Marshmellow

Price of Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 

The price of the Samsung has been started at £596 for the Samsung S7 and £639  for the Samsung S7 edge.

Source: Samsung

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