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Samsung Galaxy S2 Will be a tough Apple iPhone 5 Competitor

Samsung Galaxy S2 was released in April and has so far reached the hands of more than 5 million users across 120 countries starting sales from UK and South Korea. The demand of Samsung Galaxy S2 was so high that Samsung could not even meet the demand for its AMOLED Plus display and had to introduce Tegra 2 SoC-powered “GT-i9103” Galaxy R revision with changed displays. Samsung Galaxy S2 is equipped with 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor and 1 GB RAM which is currently top of the line.

Apple has same specs for iPad 2 which has also hot the shelves in the same month  and according to the rumors Apple will be opting for the same A5 chip in its iPhone 5 variant however the competition will not favor Apple as the number of Apple authorized countries is not even half of 120 countries Samsung figure. Otherwise Apple iPhone 5 will technically out pass the Samsung Galaxy and other Android rivals but the sales figures might not sky rocket until Apple decides to sell it factory carrier unlocked from day one.

Some of the major differences between Apple and Samsung will be,

  1. AMOLED Plus Display of Samsung Galaxy S2 will simply overrun iPhone Retina display if Apple does not opt for AMOLED as well. Although the number of pixels of Apple will matter when browsing or looking at small items however overall screen picture quality of Samsung will be way better.
  2. The thin and light form factor provided by Samsung Galaxy S2 will be very difficult to compete by Apple and the display size of 4.5 inch.
  3. Android operating System is much flexible due to open source however multiple variations in Android devices make it prone to software mismatch. Apple on the other hand is planning for iOS 5 but the features being implemented are already available in Android e.g. Notification Center, iCloud, Wireless Sync, iMessage and Twitter integration. Moreover Facebook integration, Bluetooth file sharing etc are plus for Samsung Galaxy S2.
  4. Android Market contains most of free apps as compared to AppStore which is mostly paid.
  5. Adobe Flash and NFC support is also a plus in Samsung Galaxy S2.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S2 supports MicroSD card in additional to built in memory whereas Apple so far does not incorporate Memory card.
Apple next generation iPhone is rumored to have curved tempered glass design, much thinner than iPhone4,Dual core processor, 8 MegaPixel and obviously a revamped iOS 5. Apple next generation iPad is rumored to have an HD display, Dual core, better camera and an iOS 5. If you have not followed us in the past you can see next generation iPhone a.k.a iPhone 5 Dual Mode FunctionalityQuantity of Phone on LaunchLTE TestingLaunch Dates and iPhone Be Thinner And Wider.
We will keep our finger crossed that what Apple is cooking for next generation iPhone however currently without any doubt Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best. And then Samsung Galaxy S 3 is also cooking as far as Samsung is concerned.
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