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Resolve Push Notifications Issue on Facebook for Android? Get a BlackBerry

I am sure you would take this post as a joke but i would tell you that it worked. You are already aware that Facebook on Android has some issues with the notifications system. Sometimes notification system works perfectly alright but sometimes it doesn’t which makes you annoyed.

Knowing these issues all over the internet, a post just went up in the Android community forums detailing some strange happenings. The post says:

My daughter went from a BB Curve to the Motorola XPRT and her FB push notifications worked! She always would always say “Dad you’re phone’s not so Incredible now, is it?” So when I got my EVO 3D and it didn’t work I really became obsessed. After comparing settings on both phones and Facebook settings I found the one anomaly. The list of authorized apps within Facebook (Account dropdown>Account Settings>Applications on the right side of the page) on the computer showed “Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones” on hers but not mine. It’s so simple yet outside of the box. The key is BlackBerry permissions! I am willing to bet that everyone who has working notifications on Android came from a BlackBerry.


 Just grab a BlackBerry from your friend or even go to any store that has activated demo phones.
– Log into your Facebook account using the Facebook app on the BB  and wait till it completes the loading. Don’t log into email or anything else.
– Once your News feed starts appearing with your information, simply log out.
– Login to your Facebook and Go into your FB settings on your Android Phone. Check the Notifications box. The refresh interval doesn’t matter (it can even be set to Never).
– Your notifications should start appearing as you get them (Comments, Wall Posts, Pokes, Likes, Messages, etc.)

When same was tested by different users, they found it real and it appears to work and notifications system start working a lot better than before on Android. Actually, while testing it was observed that Desire HD actually started getting notifications quicker then my BlackBerry. It was tested over and over again but always ending with the same result.

Moreover, it was noticed that notification process gets improvement. Messages and Friend Requests have their own separate icons for notifications. You will also be able to to see the notification icons for Comments, Wall Posts, , Tagging, Pokes and Likes etc.

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