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Reset Your Hidden Password In OS X Lion

If you are an OS X Lion user then you don’t have to worry about forgetting your hidden password. Apple takes away your worry by providing a password reset utility that is very handy when you really need it. In previous versions of Mac OS X you accessed this utility by booting up your Mac with the included restore DVD. However, when you try to use the same utility in Mac OS X Lion in order to reset passwords, you will find it hidden by apple for unknown reasons.


Therefore in order to bring it back we will show you how to get access password reset tool in the Mac OS X Lion Recovery HD Utility. In previous versions of Mac OS X, Apple had included a utility which let you reset a password and recover a user’s folder permissions. Whereas, if you want to get the same access in Mac OS X Lion then you need to access it from the Recovery HD.


In order to use the password reset utility, you need to access the Reovery HD by using Command+R  while restarting your Mac. As soon as you reach to Recovery HD Utility, open Terminal from its Utility menu and enter the following command “resetpassword” and then press enter. Once you run the command, it will launch the password utility which would look similar to one that came with older versions of Mac OS X.


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