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Replace iTunes Icon With Currently Playing Song’s Album Art [How to Tutorial]

I you are already fed up of boring old iTunes icon then don’t worry just get rid of it and instead of that set currently playing song’s album art but How? Thanks to Cultofmac who has discovered a procedure which allows you to remove old iTunes icon and replace it with album art of currently playing song. Not only that, It will automatically keep on change the album art icon with the change of currently playing track. The best part of this workaround is, procedure is easy to implement and most importantly you won’t have to spend a penny on it.

Now just follow the step by step procedure which will let you change your iTunes icon:


1-   Download and extract DockArt2 zip file in a folder.

2-   Exit iTunes

3-   Now you need to navigate to “~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-Ins/” directory in the Finder. In order to do that, press Command+Shift+G from your OS X Desktop and it will open “Go To Folder” Window.  Enter the path and it will take you to the required directory.

4-   Drag the downloaded ‘DockArt.bundle’ file and drop it into that folder.

5-   You can now test if old iTunes icon is being replaced with Song’s Album art. In order to that Relaunch iTunes and play any track. Hopefully you will find it working on your Mac OS X.

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