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RedSn0w Major Update Jailbreak Utility MuscleNerd Announces – One Click Jailbreak,No IPSW required for Jailbreak, Save & Submit SHSH for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

MuscleMerd has just announced that he will be releasing a major update for Redsn0w, the famous Jailbreak utitlity, in a week time which will be equipped with lots of new features.

Some of the features included in upcoming ,

  • No need for IPSW for Jailbreak
  • One click Jailbreak
  • Save, Verify, Submit & Query SHSH Blobs
  • One Click Just boot tethered
  • Pwned DFU Mode
  • Fix Recovery
  • Set user preferences
  • Change boot arguments and logos
Now you don’t need a separate software to manage SHSH blobs e.g. TinyUmbrella or iFaith. Moreover Redsn0w will automatically gather the information from Apple servers or SHSH servers for Jailbreaking the device. And the most interesting feature is that you wont need to follow the long Redsn0w Jailbreak procedure rather it will be much faster not only because of single click but also it wont require you to download the firmware you want to Jailbreak. However you have to keep this in mind that this update for Redsn0w will only work for the Apple firmware which have been publicly released not for the iOS 5 Betas.
iPhone Dev Team has always come up with the Jailbreaks and Unlock solutions for the Apple devices and had made things easy for general public. We will keep you posted on latest updates on Redsn0w release so follow us on twitter and facebook to get updates on Apple, Android, Symbian, Gadgets &News.
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