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Recover iPhone and iPod Touch Lost Data Using iPhone Backup Extractor

Have you ever come across a situation where iTunes backup is the only hope to recover your lost data and you don’t know how to use it. Well, we are going to review an amazing utility called Backup Extractor which allows you to recover your iPhone and iPod Touch lost data from already saved iOS backups in iTunes on Mac system. Not only that you can even recover your lost data from encrypted backup file but you must need to have a Mac OS X system otherwise its gone.

Now you must be thinking that it will cost a lot of money. No you don’t have to spend even a penny as it is available to download free of cost from Developer’s website. Backup Extractor will allows you to extract backup file and gives access to individual apps such as Photos and Videos from Camera roll back and then restore it using Phoneview.

How to Use

1-   Download Backup Extractor from here and copy it to applications folder (/Applications) on your startup drive.

2-   Run the application which will open a window having “Read Backups” button on it.

3-   Click the “Read Backups” button and choose the backup file which you want to extract from the presented list.

4-   Once done with choosing backup file, a new list will be opened which contains all the backup data for each app such as your photos and videos.

5-   Users who are running OS X Lion operating system, should use FileVault 2 in order to to encrypt the User Accounts Library folder.

Via [CultofMac]

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