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Procedure to get a Refund or Replacement on your Galaxy Note 7

recall of note 7Over the last few days there have been many reports following the exploding of upto 35 Samsung Galaxy Note7s ,leading to the worldwide recall of all handsets that have already been shipped and cessation of sales of the handsets.

With it’s reputation at stake , further shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 have been ceased in addition to prior worldwide recall of handsets already delivered to consumers. The following procedure should be followed if you would like to return your handset or get a refund. For users in the US we will cover most of the leading mobile carriers in addition to Purchases made directly from Samsung.

Purchases made directly from Samsung

Users that have purchased the handset directly from Samsung can get it replaced with a new handset through Samsung’s Product Exchange Program by simply calling 1-800-SAMSUNG.The replacement should be available in a “few weeks” according to reports by Samsung. This program will enable the user one of two option: either trading  their Galaxy Note 7 for a new Galaxy Note 7(expected to be available in a few weeks),or replacing their Galaxy Note 7 for a Samsung S7 Edge or Samsung Galaxy S7 in addition to the difference in cost between the two smartphones. Consumers choosing to use the Product Exchange Program ,instead of asking for a full refund for their handset, will  in addition ,receive a complimentary $25 gift  card from Samsung.

Purchases made through AT&T

According to an official report released by AT&T ,it has ceased all sales of the handset and users who have bought their handsets from the mobile carrier are cordially requested to interchange their Galaxy Note 7 ,in addition to any accessories that they may have bought, with another smartphone of their choosing.

Purchases made through Verizon

Verizon released an official report that stated that it too had halted sales of the Galaxy Note 7(for customer safety purposes),and users can make their way to their nearest Verizon store if they would like to get a full refund whilst returning their Galaxy Note  7,and Verizon has also stated that it is also renouncing the restocking fee on all returned phones returned to the retailer before 30th of September .

Purchases made through T-Mobile

In a statement released by T-Mobile, the company has stated that it is fully refunding all Galaxy Note 7 handsets ,in addition to accessories the consumer may have bought along with the handset at the time of purchase. Users who would like to avail this option are requested to return it by visiting their nearest T-Mobile outlet or by simply calling  1-800-937-8997.

Purchases made through Sprint

Users having bought the handset from sprint are requested to make their way to their nearest sprint outlet ,if they would like return their Galaxy Note 7.It is claimed by Sprint that they will provide the user with a “similar device” to use whilst the problem with the Galaxy Note 7 is being rectified ,however it is unclear about what time period this will be for.

Purchases made through other retailers

If you have bought your handset from Amazon ,Best Buy or any other third party retailer ,you are advised to contact the retailer you have bought the Galaxy Note 7 ,to inquire about how to return your handset for a refund or replacement ,and how to proceed further.

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