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Procedure on how to add the latest effects to your iOS 10 iMessages.

Appealing to the new generation ,the latest iOS 10 Messages Application has many new and interesting features that are make the process of iMessaging a lot more appealing to users.

Firstly iOS has created two main ‘effects’ options that are available-namely a more prominent full “screen” range of effects and the less profound “bubble” range of effects. Both ranges are very fun to use options while communicating with close ones.

The procedure on how to use these various new effects while using the Messages app are given below:

  • Begin by constructing your iMessage in the Messages application in iOS 10 as you always do.-the iMessage can be a new message or a continuation of a previous conversation and can include emojis or text.
  • Having completed the written context of the message (which you will have written in the type text area) ,you will see a upwards pointing blue arrow on the right hand side of the type text bariOS 10 arrowUsers using IPhone 6,6s  Plus or later versions that support 3D Touch, can simply force press on the blue arrow ,however those users who do not have a 3D Touch smartphone available can execute this action by long pressing . This action will cause a new overlay to emerge on the screen ,that will include four options that will be available in the new menu emerging from the blue arrow.blue arrow menu options
  • Two effects can be seen -the Bubble effect and the Screen effect

If you choose the bubble effect ,four options will be available -namely Loud, Slam, Invisible Ink and Gentle.

The Loud option enlarges text size(signifying the action of screeming)

The Slam action bashes the text onto the screen

The Invisible Ink enables the receiver of the message to receive an animation that when swiped across will reveal the context of the message

The Gentle option reduces the size of the text to extremely small.

The recipient will be able to see the effects as long as they are using iOS 10 or a better version, in addition to watchOS 3 and macOS 3.

  • After you have chosen the desired effect you will be given a preview of the message. In a few cases you will be required to re Tap the blue arrow button for the effect to be seen.
  • There are also a number of full screen options that you can use while sending an iMessage. Instead of choosing the bubble effect option when pressing the blue arrow emanating from the blue arrow button you choose the “screen “option. This will result in various options that you can choose from by swiping from left to right,allowing you to choose from the different effects that are available for you to use in your message -as seen below:ios-10-messages-screen-effects 2As can be seen the full screen options available are:
  • Send with balloons
  • send with confetti
  • send with lasers
  • send with fireworks
  • send with shooting star

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