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PlayStation 4 Pro released, with 4K and HDR ,reaching new heights in gaming,

As reported earlier, the latest release in PlayStation by Sony is the PlayStation 4 Pro, an improved and more advanced device to previous models ,which is expected to  greatly enhance the gaming experience for users playing both old and new PS4 games. During the revelation event which was held on Wednesday , in NYC, the company claimed that the PS4 Pro will provide a greater array of graphics available in a game according to the type of TV that the console is being used on in addition to the type of PS4 being used . This may come as an advantage to users using a budget TV , as the PS4 Pro may be able to give a more advanced frame rate for such TVS . The company also announced that the PS4 Pro will be available as of 10th November for $399.


We can expect that this latest version will eliminate the consistency that we are so used to using a console in comparison to when we are playing a game on the computer or laptop. The variety and quality of the visuals will directly correlate with the model and type of TV that the console is connected to, hence the type of TV you have will directly influence the visuals you will obtain ,however this was never an issue with any of the previous consoles. It should also be noted that you therefore can now not expect that you will view the same visuals and quality as anyone else. The quality of the game will also now depend on how the specific developers have developed their games for each of the different versions of the PS4, in addition to being perceived differently on either a computer or Xbox One.

The PS4 will be available in two options-the Neo and Base versions(the base version is the old PS4 version that was previously being used). These boast better visuals , a speedier processor in addition to 4k Resolution support. Users who already own the older version hardware can still enjoy the latest games on their older consoles .

The enhanced GPU supports 4K resolution in addition to HDR capabilities. The PS4 Pro will feature 1TB hard drive as well as improved clock rate. We can also expect an enhanced PlayStation VR Experience.

Various games will be able to gain full advantage of all the PS4 Pro improved features as soon as they are released ,these include Modern Warfare : Remastered and Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare ,however FIFA 16 and Battlefield 1 will enable these features after a few months ,meanwhile Mass Effect :Andromeda will only obtain this advantage next year.

Various reports also claim that both YouTube and Netflix are in the process of developing new applications solely to be used in the PS4 Pro.

Source: PlayStation


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