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Pinch iMessenger HD – Allows Multi-platform Messaging for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Blackberry

Regular Koolmobile users must be aware of the fact that iOS 5 will bring iMessage platform which will be inter-platform Apple-Apple devices chat messaging client on the design of Blackberry Messenger. But world does not stop here there is a lot more than only Apple devices therefore Affle Pte Ltd have come up with cross-platform messaging solution which allows you messaging between iDevices, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, J2ME and even on web. The application allows you to communicate with your friends and colleagues using location based messaging which significantly improves the overall performance of the service. And best of all its all free.


Some of the major features provided by Pinch iMessenger HD are,

  • Pinches – Message using 475+ emoticons and 3D animations. Share pictures.
  • People – Pinch friends everywhere.
  • Places – Locate friends nearby on maps using location pins. Get directions to meet them. Register places travelled. Accumulate and share miles. Share social updates on the move.
  • Play – Discover new dimensions to messaging with points, pins, medals on leader boards.
  • Pay Nothing – Send millions of messages without SMS/MMS/roaming charges.

Sneak preview Pinch iMessenger HD in action,

You can download and install Pinch iMessenger HD for free using link for your respective device,

Pinch iMessenger HD for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [AppStore]
Pinch iMessenger HD for Android [Android Market]
Pinch iMessenger HD for Blackberry [App World]
Pinch iMessenger HD for Windows 7 [Zune]
Pinch iMessenger HD for Symbian [Ovi]
Pinch iMessenger HD for J2ME [download]
Pinch iMessenger HD for Web [download]

Source PinchApp

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