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Patent filed by Apple to use accelerometer and gyroscope for video stabilization for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Recently Apple has filed a patent for using accelerometer and Gyroscope for Video stabilization during native Video Camera Recording this feature will drastically improve the video recording performance for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Normally during video recording minor movements result in jerky quality of video produced however after the implementation of this feature the smoothness in video recording will clearly surpass the others.

Embodiments of the present invention provide a control system for video processes that selectively control the operation of motion stabilization processes. According to the present invention, motion sensor data indicative of motion of a mobile device may be received and processed. A determination may be made by comparing processed motion sensor data to a threshold. Based on the determination, motion stabilization may be suspended on select portions of a captured video sequence.

Although multiple applications are available in AppStore for Video stabilization but the effect of software stabilization is not huge as hardware implementation of the same does not exist. Video stabilization using accelerometer and gyroscope will definitely result in more battery power however the wonders will be worth implementing. Apple themselves are not very clear that would they be able to achieve perfect results even though minor hardware adjustments will also result in far better video recording quality.

Source Apple Insider

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