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Parking has never been easier with the new Google Waze

wazeThe Google world renowned actual time traffic app, Waze has collaborated with INRIX (which is a firm specializing in data specific to transport),enabling users to find the closest and easiest parking that is available near their required destination.

This feature can be found in the “where to park” option available within the Waze app, and this app will lead the driver straight to the  nearest and most easily accessible parking lot closest to the required destination. In addition to being able to choose a parking lot before arriving at your destination another option is also provided whereby you can  choose a parking lot while on the way to the destination. This feature has now been further enhanced by the data provided by INRIX ,thereby reducing the hassle and stress of not finding  a parking location and the added benefit of arriving at your location on time.

Before providing services to Waze ,INRIX is already working in collaboration with many leading Automotive companies ,for example Audi, Lexus ,BMW , Toyota, Merc, Porsche, and Volkswagen, in addition to various news agencies and municipalities.

Due to it’s wide array of sources ,INRIX can figure out the level of parking space in any specific area and it incorporates this with tariff data  and Facilities for private parking thereby creating a whole picture of where best to park in addition to the pricing of the parking area.


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