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Park4U Lets You Park Your Car Remotely Using iPhone

You might have come across auto parking system being integrated into test cards within last couple of years however the time has come that commercial applications for auto parking had started appearing. BMW was one of the first car manufacturer to start auto car parking system globally few years back and now the same has been integrated into many of the cars. Park4U lets you take the auto parking to a level ahead by allowing drivers squeeze their vehicles into the parking slots using an iOS application on iPhone. Park4U assisted-parking system is developed by Valeo which uses several sensors and software components to control car movements.

Bear in mind that the Park4U application wont let you steer you car rather it will only allow you to accelerate and apply brakes when your vehicle is in Assisted Parking mode. Park4U assisted parking come with distance sensors which can pt the vehicle to auto stop if it comes too near of an obstacle. It can allows you to parallel park the car using the assisted parking system. The system is currently available for Volkswagen-group models including the Touran, Sharan, and Audi’s A6 and A7. And by viwing the demo below it seems that commercial availability of this application which be made soon. Sneak preview Park4U in action,

Source Valeo


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