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OS X Lion Can Be Hacked Through Any Mac With A Firewire Port Running [Report]

OS X Lion is being acclaimed as the most protected operating system launched so far, not just from Apple, but in total.
OS X Lion is build with FileVault Encrypted system which using Advance Encryption Standard(AES) algorithm with a key derived from users login password. Moreover, it uses encrypted file system gets mounted and unmounted when the user logs into or out the system.

But behind all the talk, it has been recently discovered that OS X Lion operating system can also be hacked  because of a huge security hole which is there since Snow Leopard. Basically any Mac with a Firewire port, which is vulnerable, can be easily used to get your password within minutes.

“According to Passware, Inc, a provider of password recovery and decryption tools, it is possible to extract any Mac’s administrator password using the Firewire port, even if that Mac is in sleep mode.”

Therefore if you want to keep your Mac safe and well protected then just turn of the “Automatic Login” Setting and also remember to shutdown your Mac completely rather than putting into sleep.

In addition to what i have already discussed above, Apple has already been aware of the long-standing security issue pending since 2008 in which Mac’s administrator password has been recoverable from RAM.

Now lets up Apple will take a serious notice of this Firewire exploit and will patch it sooner rather than later.

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