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OpenOther+ Redirect Applications on Your Homescreen for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Jailbreak Tweak

Have you even wondered launching BiteSMS by pressing Apple native Messages Application or Opening Camera+ by pressing Apple native Camera Application. Now it has been made possible using OpenOther+ by InfectionFX Jailbreak Tweak. OpenOther+ will come out handy for all those applications which are feature rich as compared to Apple Native Applications but you don’t want to have 2 separate icons. Although iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users which are sticky using native applications where available can have the same choice but redirection might add feature rich application.


Once OpenOther+ is installed simply put your home screen into wiggle mode and simply by quick double tapping an application will ask for redirection appplication which can be selected by tapping again and you are all set to use redirection. Follow the steps below as per developers instructions at ModMyi to activate redirection,

  • Activate wiggle mode on your Homescreen by holding down any SpringBoard icon
  • Double tap on the Application you want to redirect and you will see following notification “Now select the app you would like to redirect to”
  • Now double tap another Application you want to redirect to. When you are done you will see a notification “App Store is now opening iTunes”
  • To remove the redirect, simply double tap the Application that you redirected in wiggle mode and you will see a notification “Application redirect has been removed”

Sneak Preview OpenOther+ in action,

OpenOther+ 1.0 is available for Jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for a price of 1.99 US$ however it can be installed from xSellize Repo using the procedure here for trial purposes but if you like the tweak please buy it from Cydia.

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