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“Official” Siri for Android is Available [Download Now]

Siri Assistant feature has now become one of the major reason of iPhone 4S success around the world. This has actually opened the gates for iOS developers who are now using it in their apps. Similarly in order to compete with Apple, Android developers have also launched Siri like apps such as Whilst Iris, Vlingo, Cluzee as well as Google’s own Voice Actions but none of them proved to be even near to Siri.


Just now a new Siri like App named as Siri for Android developed by “OFFICIAL APP” has just hit the Android market which is now being considered as the official port of Apple’s Siri software to Android smartphones. But in reality developer has also mentioned that it is more like a launcher of “Google’s Voice Actions” app. It has been already downloaded and installed on more than 1000 devices.

From Android Market:

Google Voice Actions is a powerful app that comes with every Android device. It supports many different voice commands and Google is constantly working to make it even more powerful. Show your iPhone friends your Android phone can do what Siri does!

You can now quickly jump over to Android Market and download Siri for Android app for yourdevice.

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