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Official Appearance of Apple Airpods, Apple Watch & iPhone 7

According to latest reports on Apple’s 7 September event ,in which Apple is expected to announce the much awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ,the possibility of Apple announcing Airpods and the new Apple watches is also expected at the same event.

Recently ,the Eurasian Economic Commission (EAEC) is said to have issued certificates which imply that Apple is working on various Apple Watches and a new wireless earphones ,in addition to certificates for the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus, hence causing much speculation about whether the airpods and Apple watches release date announcement.

The EAEC certification allows various products,that have certification,to be sold in  countries who have signed the EAEC treaty (ie Belarus,Kazakhstan,Armenia and Russia in addition to other countries),hence the inclusion of certification for these specific Apple products imply that these products are being developed if not ready for release.


With Apple claiming to be removing the 3.5mm earphone jack in iPhones that are now going to be released, speculation over the wireless Earpods makes a lot of sense.According to a Russian website, iPhones.ru,EAEC has issued certificates that have references to “Airpods”,hinting to there existence in accordance to the “Airpods ” trademark which was filed for last October.There is much speculation over whether Apple will provide these Airpods along with every iPhone said to be released.


A much awaited change in the Apple Watch hardware is also expected in the new models ,which are also expected to be announced in addition to the “Airpods”,which we are anticipating to make an appearance at the September 7 event.

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