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Now Subscribe Magazine & Newspaper Using Amazon’s Kindle App for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

An update for Amazon’s Kindle App has been pushed yesterday in order to comply with Apple’s latest in-app purchase terms and secure its place in the App Store. Moreover, it has been observed that now it supports magazine and newspaper subscriptions

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can now browse, purchase, and read from more than 100 newspapers and magazines. with an option of high-resolution color images depending upon your iDevice. complete with high resolution color photos, and the company confirmed that more content is on its way.

In order to purchase the subscribtion you need to visit the Kindle store. However, you need to it only once as each edition of your chosen publication is delivered digitally to your iDevice. Customers with existing subscriptions can check theirs recent issues under the “Archived Items” menu inside the application.

The update also removes Amazon’s Kindle Store button from the the app and users can share quotes and passages with Facebook and Twitter friends.

Kindle for iOS version 2.8 is available in the iTunes App Store for free.

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