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Now iPhone’s LED Can Flash Like BlackBerry Notifications[How to Tutorial]

If you have ever used blackberry and android smartphones then you must enjoyed their one of the famous and strong feature of LED Notification system. This notification system is simple but yet to be made available on iOS.

Blackberry and Android have gone even further by letting you to select LED color depending upon the type of notification you have received on your handset. A perfect way of telling whether that vibration/notification was for an email, SMS or something else, without ever having to actually look at the screen.

Finally iPhone jailbreak community has come up with a solution  by a Jailbreak Tweak called “FlashEnhancer” to add this awesome feature in your iPhone. FlashEnhancer uses your iPhone’s built-in LED flash to full effect, flashing in different patterns to signify different notifications. SMS, push notifications, emails and more are all able to be turned into flashing patterns using FlashEnhancer, and it sports more than enough options for controlling just what happens.

The only negative aspect it has that it will continue to flash and eat up your batter even if your batter is near to finish which sounds little awkward.

The list of main functions FlashEnhancer is providing are giving below.

1-   You can setup the flash timings and interval.

2-   It has a locked mode option in which it will only flash which your iPhone is in locked mode. The feature will ultimately save your battery.

3-  Custom LED notification feature will allow to set it for Text Message, Pust Notification or Email etc.

4-  Call feature will flash LED you get an incoming call or when the outgoing call is answered.

5-  Activator will give you quick access to open teh LED as a flashlight and to make the LED blink.

Whats Needed

You need to have a Jailbroken iPhone. You have not done it yet then visit our posts on how to Jailbreak using iPhone  using TinyUmbrellaSnowBreezePwnageToolRedsn0w or JailbreakMe.

How to Download and Install

1-   Open Cydia and Go to “Manage” Tab and Click on “Source” button.

2-   Click on “Add” button to add “cydia.Xsellize.com/”

3-   Go to “Search” Tab and Enter “FlashEnhancer” highlighted in red color

4-   Click on “Install” button to start the downloading and installation.


5-   Once downloading is complete, Click on “Restart SpringBoard” and wait

6-   Go to “Settings” and click on “FlashEnhancer”.

7-   Set all the options(Detail discussed above) as per your own requirement and Enjoy it.


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