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Nokia Maps Coming Soon For Free for all Windows Phone [Windows Marketplace]

Nokia Maps was planned to be incorporated into the Windows Phone OS since its adoption by Nokia in February this year along with the Bing search services however so far the implementation was not completed until now that we have got reports that its in testing phases. It has also been reported that non- Nokia OEM Windows Phones will incorporate Espoo’s Maps for location based services as well as navigation. Purportedly Nokia Maps will soon be made available in Windows Marketplace for free on all Windows Phones however keep in mind that Nokia Drive which is a specialized turn by turn 3D Voice Navigation Software will not be free of cost for all Windows Phone devices rather it will be available for free on Nokia Windows Phones only.

Nokia Maps are similar to Google Maps incorporated in Android OS however it uses NAVTEQ mapping data which in some parts of Europe is more detailed than Bing Data. It is expected that Nokia Maps will soon become available in Windows Market place Application Store which will later get added into the Windows Phone OS.

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