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NFC Payments from your iPhone4 – How to Tutorial

We had been listening of incorporation of NFC since iPhone 4 was luanched but Apple was not impressed to replease NFC with iPhone 4 and may be the next generation iPhone is equiped with this technology.

However, people at Unplggd have come up with a small hardware tweak which allows you to embed NFC into you current iPhone 4. SO if you are among the ones who had been looking for “payments on the go” then now you can have it on your iPhone using the description below.

NFC was incorporated in Google Nexus S and if you were among its users you could exactly know the charm of payment by simply touching the device on the payment machince and here you go your payment details have been updated and transfers have been made. It would ask you either for PIN verification or signatures are used for small payments less than 20US$.

In order to incorporate NFC on your iPhone all you need is Tap&Pay Debit or Credit card from your bank which will have NFC chip builtin the card. After you have the card all you have to do is place the card under the back cover of you iPhone 4. But before you proceed be aware that your Apple warranty will be void.

Although its an impressive hack but its a bit tricky to perform therefore i recommend you to go through  iFixit’s thorough tutorial to perform this.

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