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NFC Enabled iPhone Case Certified by Apple Being Offered by South Korean Carrier

Nearly couple of months ago, we reported you how to transform your iPhone 4 into an NFC enabled device as it was not officially equipped with NFC enabled chip. Moreover, it is yet to be confirmed if Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 which is expected to be launched in October will have the built in NFC capability. However, South Korean carrier are not going to wait for Apple’s iPhone 5 launch as they have introduced a new ‘Apple Certified’ case for their customers which gives you a similar experience as it is built in your iPhone.

This NFC Enabled iPhone case will transform your iPhone into a digital wallet and let you pay for goods with nothing but their device. Things don’t end up here as carriers are also offering pre-paid “transit card” which will enable them to pay for public transport using their iPhone having NFC enabled case.

The official name which is given to the case is iCarte, developed by Canadian company Wireless Dynamics. A KT executive said it will provide more convenient NFC services to customers:

With the recent launch of NFC-enabled smart(phones), iPhone users were showing increasing needs for NFC services, Hyunmi Yang, executive vice president for integrated customer strategy at KT, said in a statement. As a global leader of NFC services, KT plans to provide more convenient and differentiated NFC services to its customers.

However, it is expected that similar kind of service will be soon be available in other countries. Its demand may get even higher if upcoming iPhone 5 doesn’t come up with NFC support.


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