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Nexus S Running Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked[Video]

I am sure its been a busy month for you folks. Microsoft has just released Mango for Windows Phone users whereas Launch of Apple iPhone 5 running iOS 5 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich is just around the corner. At the moment all Android fans are anxiously waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich which will basically merge all existing separate android OS flavors for smartphones(2.x) and tablets(3.x) into one. Android users who can’t wait for official announcement Ice Cream Sandwich and want to get the taste of it right now have already installed Ice Cream Sandwich Home Launch.

Android fans are looking everywhere to get the fresh leaks of upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich and finally they have found a very first video leaked on ebay which shows Google Nexus S handset running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The whole story appeared to be accidental as an Android ordered Google Nexus S handset through ebay and upon re receiving he found out that it is Nexus S running Ice Cream Sandwich(2.4 or4.0) rather than Gingerbread(2.3.x). The leaked video last for 2 minutes and shows different features such as builds, lookscreen etc of operating system. Here is what we have found in the leaked video of Android Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • Lockscreen has been completely changed as compared to Android Gingerbread and giving a very Cool look.
  • Google Search bar is pretty much similar to what we already have in Android Gingerbread.
  • Recent Apps appears in the form of tiles and thumbnails will be a new addition for Android phones.
  • Status bar is pretty much such simple and clean.
  • Settings icons have not been changed either.

Overall it lockscreen and recent app gives a Android HoneyComb look whereas other are pretty much gingerbread. Now we are still not sure if that video contains an original Android Ice Cream Sandwich or a Theme as made it look like Ice Cream Sandwich. Lets wait and see as we have much more coming ahead.

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