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Nexus Prime and Android Ice Cream Sandwich to be announced on October 11 by Samsung, Google Event

Ice Cream Sandwich is the next major upgrade of Android OS as well as Nexus Prime the next Google Flagship handset after Nexus S and Nexus original. We had previously reported that Android Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to be released in October/November and now purportedly Google is planning to announce the same on October 11 in a media event arranged in collaboration with Samsung at CTIA’s fall show in San Diego.

The next major release from Google Android OS will be called Ice CreamSandwich and is being considered to be the most ambitious release yet. Basically, the desire was to design and develop one OS which runs everywhere. It is therefore google says, Ice Cream Sandwich will run on smartphones, Tablets, convertible slates and more unlike Android 3.0 Honeycomb which only runs on tablets.

Ice Cream Sandwich users will get all the lovely interfaces of Android 3.0 Honeycomb to Android smartphones. Moreover, Android phone users will also will be provided updated app launcher with interactive and new homescreen widgets and multi-tasking panel. Google also says that they will incorporate all the best features of Honeycomb, the Android tablet OS, and make them workable on smartphones too. It means,  Android tablets will be able to use as a USB hub along with an option of connecting your devices like mice and keyboards and game controllers to tablets and smartphones. During last Mobile World Congress, Google  showed off upcoming 3D headtracking feature using the front-mounted camera which will allow you to figure out who is speaking and focus on them while on a video call. Face detection will be a key feature in the OS.

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