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Next Generation Apple TV 3 traces found in iOS 5, A5 Processor with 1080p video

In the iOS 5 GM Release geeks have found traces of next generation Apple TV a.k.a Apple TV 3 embedded within the iOS 5 are reported by 9to5Mac. According to the reports the traces were found “deep inside the iOS 5 file system” and similarly previous we saw a major upgrade in Apple TV after revamp of code. It has also been revealed that Apple TV 3 will be equipped with Apple A5 processor bearing dual core same as found in iPad 2 & iPhone 4S and 1080p video support. Although support for 1080p resolution is not available on iTunes but still in reported that videos and movies running on next generation Apple TV 3 will support 1080p resolution.

The information of Apple TV 3 from the ref code is not 100% likely to be implemented as in case of iPhone 3,2 and iPod Touch 4,2 never made it to come out as a finished product. Also it is likely that Apple might be thinking of giving its Apple TV product a major make overs after Steve Jobs death or Apple might even venture to hit the Television market in place of internet TV. Although the TVs out there do require a makeover to incorporate Smart features but its not necessarily dependent on killing the iTV e.g. Apple TV products.

Source 9to5Mac

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