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New Robotic Vacuum by Xiaomi said to have greater Sucking Power

Mi-Robot-Vacuum-2Xiaomi’s latest feat in smart home appliances introduces us to the Mi Robot Vacuum ,which was announced officially today by the company. The Mi Robot is the first device in the Rockrobo group of the Mi Ecosystem startup. The price of the vacuum is 1,699 Yuan (approximately $250),in comparison to similar products which are around $900 for the Roomba. The Mi Robot will be available in China for purchase as soon as 6th September.

The addition of  the exact same brushless motor supplier that has been used in the Roomba ,enables the Mi Robot to have a greater suction value of 1,800 Pa in comparison to various others like the Neato’s Botvac D8500 which has a suction rating of 1,000 Pa or the iRobot’s Rooma 980 with suction rating of 1,670Pa.

mi RobotThe basic design of the Mi Vacuum is very similar to prior models-that is two  circular side brushes at the rear ,allowing better sweeping of dirt directly into the main brush which is cylindrical. A much tighter grip with the floor is enabled due to the fact that the Mi Robot can automatically vary it’s height. The addition of the assistive wheel to the two main rubber wheels allows the machine to move, with the assistance of ultrasonic radar sensors, collision sensors ,wall sensors ,drop sensors and cliff sensors. These all prevent the vacuum from colliding into various items or falling.

mi-robot-vacuum-5Laser Distance Sensor at the top of the vacuum, enables it to map out the plan of the house and it also allows users to block the machine from going into various areas by simply creating a virtual wall using a magnetic tape-which is also available at 39yuan each.

The vacuum is also said to feature a 5,200 mAh 14.4V lithium ion battery ,which allows coverage of 250 sq meters (approximately 2.5 hours worth) in one charge.In addition to this when the task is completed the vacuum will automatically return to the charging dock.

Automatic cleaning can be enabled according to particular schedules ,status ,in addition to switching remotely between normal ,active and quiet modes, live tracking of the vacuum and toggling ,using a collaborated application that requires the availability of Wi-Fi.

Prior to this various other connected home appliances have been produced by the company including various water and air purifiers, weighing machines, lights including others.

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