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New Android Malware Imitates Google+ And Spies On Your Phone Calls

Previously we have a covered about Android Trojan which Record Phone Calls on your Android phone.Today another Malware has been covered which imitates as Google+ and spies on your. Basically, this malware mimics as  recently launched Google++ which has already attracted millions of subscribers and fool unsuspecting Android users.

The malicious code called “Nickispy.C” was first identified by Trend Micro today and found that it uses many of the same services which was in previous versions plus it has also added few new tricks this time around. Nickispy.C disguise into my calling itself Google+ and on the top of that it uses exactly same icon as the Google+ app for all of its services. You can check below mentioned picture which shows that exactly same icon being used in all  “Nickispy.C” running services.

if you let it running in your Android phone then this Malware app can actually take away your text messages, call logs, GPS positions and this not the end of it. It can even goes to a level where it will start answering your calls and give the permission to malware’s creator to listen in or record your conversations.

However, it is still not sure that if this new malware made get into android devices through the Android Market or third party app store downloaded through internet.

Bad news to those whose android devices are still running Android 2.2 because this malware only effects Android 2.2 devices. But good news to Android users running Android 2.3 as this malware exploit has been patched up in 2.3 which actually allows for an app to change the phone state without a user’s information. Therefore all Android users running Android 2.2 are strong recomended to upgrade their devices to Android 2.3.

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