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NetMarketshare – Windows Phone Market Growing but Gradually

NetMarketshare is a web analytics company which gathers data on web usage and bring some interesting results in the form of graphs. Recently they published a report about Apple’s Safari browser whose shares has crossed 5% for the first time. Now they have published another graph which gives mobile operating systems share detail.

Once again Apple’s iOS is leading form the front and has achieved 55% of total market share which could go even higher after the release of iOS 5. Android has taken the third place and putting all the efforts to takeover Java ME. Android upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich which is one of the most awaited mobile operating system would definitely attract more users and will be an opportunity to take the 2nd place.

One of the most interesting result which is also a positive sign for Microsoft that has been achieved from above graph is Windows Phone is usage has been increased but at a slow speed. Although due to the huge success of Window Mobile, Windows Phone operating system is still behind but we hope that figures will improve in near future due to the roll out Windows Phone Mango update.

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