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myPark – Find your car at Public Parking and Keep track of Route to Find for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Ever face a situation when you have forgot you car’s location in a public car parking with dozens of cars or even thought of loosing it then myPark is designed for your facilitation. myPark allows you to track the location of your car of live map and makes it easy for you to return back at exact car location without much hassle. In addition the application also keeps track of your parking ticket and alerts you few minutes in advance of parking ticket expiry. The use of myPark application is simple as a touch of single button by parking your vehicle and press park along with details.


Some of the major features of myPark are,

Not only will the app track your movements and walking time, you can also add any of the following reminders to help you find your car again and avoid those expensive parking tickets:

1 – Short text description of the location of your car
2 – Take a photo of your car and it’s surroundings
3 – Set a parking time

  • All Day
  • Fixed Time (car parks)
  • Parking Meter (hours and minutes)

4 – Select the color of, and level in a car park
5 – Record a short audio note

The app uses a built in map. No more opening and closing the app to see where your car is parked in “Maps”

It alerts the user when parking time expires, when the walking time is equal than the time left on the parking meter and a 15 minutes warning when it is time to leave

Source AppStore

You can install myPark  by following the procedure here for trial but please buy it from Appstore links above for 0.99US$ if your like it.

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