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My Vodafone App for Android Launched: Tells Track use, WiFi hotspots and Roaming

UK Vodafone has launched an app called “My Vodafone” for Android users. This application allows you to keep track of your mobile account without even going to Vodafone customer care center. Moreover, it also enables you to search and locate nearest Wifi Hotspot.

My Vodafone app can also tell you in detail about your current usage of minutes, messaging and data and how close to your tariff limits you are.

The salient features of this app are as follows:-

1-   In case you don’t remember the current tariff used on your account, the end date of your contract, when you would receive your mobile monthly bill along with rough amount.

2-   Moreover, it is also great application for those who using their phone abroad will also be able to keep an eye on any roaming charges they might be racking up.

3-   Lastely, You will find a map inside to show any nearby BT Openzone WiFi hotspots and its access has been bundled with different Vodafone’s plans.

Therefore if you are a Vodafone customer then you will require an Android device running 1.6 or higher to run the app. It does not provide online data updation so what it shows on-screen may show a different state in your bill.

You can download My Vodafone from the Android Market. However, if you want to get more Android Market Apps then you might like to see our Top Android Market Apps Collection.

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