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‘My Sync Center’ – Enables Automatic Two-Way Data Sync Between Android Device And PC Over Wi-Fi

If you are totally fed up of connecting USB cable between your Android device and Personal Computer(PC) then don’t worry an awesome data sync solution is available which enables you to perform Two-Way data sync automatically between Android device and PC over the air using WiFi.


Basically an Android application called My Sync Center is available which allows you to sync data between your Android device and PC using your local Wi-Fi connection. It really makes your life easy and keeps your device up to date by taking as per desired backups of photos,  videos along with copies of your Titanium Backup files. The best par of this application is, it perform as data sync automatically rather than initiating it manually form PC or Android device.

From Android Market

My Sync Center will sync your photos, downloads, ringtones or anything you like to your computer when you connect to your home Wi-Fi. In addition, it can sync your music, videos and any other files back to your device. All of this happens automatically when you connect to your home Wi-Fi- you won’t need to do a thing! Only new files or files that have changed will get synced.

You can use it to:
* Sync music and videos to your phone. Any new content gets synced automatically.
* Back up your camera photos, downloads or even your clockworkmod backups, Titanium Backup files straight to your PC.

In addition, you can use it to sync your iTunes music to your device. Sync your tracks:
* by playlist
* individual track
* album and artist

Your device will automatically receive any new playlist items when you connect to Wi-Fi.

Don’t forget to checkout the video demonstration in order to get the better understanding of feaures:


My Sync Center is fully supported on Android Froyo(2.2), Gingerbread(2.3) and Honeycomb(3.0) devices. So if you are interested then we recommend you to first test its Free Version and then purchase it if required from Android Market at a price tag of  $ 2.00.

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