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Motorola Mobility Wins Injunction Against Apple in Germany

Apple has been involved if different lawsuits for the past couple of years in particular over patent infringements although the patents were aimed to protect intellectual property rights but these days they are used to let down others apparently. Apple lawyers with the passage of time would have become experts in defending and creating patent wars. Apple had most of the lawsuits with Androids numbering to more than dozens in just a years span which the most recent one in Germany was ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 as the last one in the winning streak.

However this time Motorola Mobility came tough on Apple as finally won the lawsuit as they think that Apple is willingly infringing Motorola Mobility’s intellectual property over the years. Now according to the judgement by the Mannheim Regional Court Apple sales in Germany could possibly see barring but the ruling came was a bit different,

The Verge‘s Niley Patel says,

“Apple is represented by two organizations in Germany: Apple Inc., the worldwide corporate parent, and Apple Germany, the local subsidiary that actually sells products to consumers. Motorola Mobility filed lawsuits against both organizations, and while Apple Germany is vigorously fighting its case, Apple’s lawyers let the Apple Inc., lawsuit slide, resulting in this default judgement and injunction. But since Apple Inc., doesn’t actually sell anything in Germany, it’s a totally symbolic victory for Motorola — there aren’t any products to ban.”

Niley Patel statement was confirmed by official Apple statement,

“This is a procedural issue that has nothing to do with the merits of this case. This does not affect our ability to sell products or do business in Germany at this time.”

Although this time Apple was lucky that no products are on sale in Germany however this ruling will help Motorola Mobility fight the same lawsuit in other countries of the world.

Source The Verge

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