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MotionX GPS Drive HD for iPad Updated New Traffic Information Added

One of the most popular navigation software MotionX GPRS Drive HD for iPad has recently been updated to incorporate next-generation traffic information powered by INRIX. MotionX GPS Drive HD can turn your 3G powered iPad or iPad 2 into a fully functional car and pedestrian Navigation System with High quality Synthesized voice, real time traffic, multi-stop routing, iPod  integration, location sharing using email, digital compass and landscape/portrait mode options.

The updated version of MotionX GPS Drive HD integrates next-generation real time traffic, incidents, icons information in collaboration by INRIX. The use of this real time traffic information is simply activated by pressing the screen to display the information and also the accidents, sporting events, concerts, road construction etc are displayed. So you can select the alternate route to reach your destination.

All the basic navigational features are also present as are in case of Tom-tom or Garmin Fixed devices e.g. you can search for nearest Gas Pump, hospital, shopping, restaurants etc. And while you are navigating you can enjoy iPod Music on the go.

You can install MotionX GPS Drive HD for iPad by following the procedure here for trial but please buy it from Appstore links above for 2.99US$ if your like it.

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