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MobileMe : Transfer, Merge and Copy Data From One Account To Another[How to Tutorial]

If you are holding multiple MobileMe accounts which contains excessive amount of data then you must be finding it quite difficult to manage them at same time. You can get yourself  out of this situation by following a small and easy procedure of copying data from one MobileMe account to the other. This procedure will certainly help those who got multiple iCloud or MobileMe accounts and desperately want to copy their data from one account to the other without managing all of them at once.

Supported Devices

  • iPad 1, 2
  • iPhone 3GS, 4
  • iPod touch 3G, 4G
Whats Needed
  • Multiple MobileMe/iCloud accounts
  1. Go to your iPhone Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account…
  2. Enter your MobileMe account details.
  3. Select the data that you want to transfer. Such as Calendars, Mail, Contacts etc.
  4. Press the save button.
  5. Go back to Mail, Contacts, Calendar settings in order to grab older data. You can do it by scrolling to the bottom and tweaking the “Sync” setting for either Calendars or Reminders. For example, from “1 Month Back” to “All Events”.
  6. Now navigate to each app that has data you wanted transferred. For example, I had checked Contacts and Calendar in Step 3 so I will launch both apps one by one.
  7. Now you need to Wait for the synchronization to take place, the small circle in the status bar will indicate data transfer.
  8. Once complete, just reconfirm if your data is there.
  9. Now go back to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > and just press the delete button if you want to in order  to delete recently added MobileMe account .
  10. Choose “Keep on My iPhone” option and proceed with deleting the account.
  11. Now you need to repeat Step 1 and add the account you would like to transfer the old data to.
  12. Once added, relaunch all the apps you pulled the data from in order to transfer the data to the newly added account.
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