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Missed it? Koolmobile Mango Update Summary

Without any doubt, it was one of the best for Windows Phone users. They waited so long to give their Windows Phones a fresh look by updating “Mango” and finally their desires have been fulfilled. Yesterday, i was all started when Microsoft launched brand new web based Marketplace which  allow users to search and buy apps available for WP7 and then send it directly to their device via a link in an SMS or email. The purpose of  launching this complete new web based Marketplace is to give a strong signal to already available popular web based solutions from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

Right after the launch of Marketplace, Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7.5  Mango website  provides set of instructions or guide on how to upgrade your device to the latest and greatest Windows Phone Mango. It also provides an update schedule page “Where’s is my phone update” with current status is Delevering Update, which means Microsoft has started to send out the update  to worldwide operators.

Things didn’t stop here, Windows Phone users didn’t want to wait for the update message from their operator. Keeping in view of that WPCentral released an alternate method to get a force Mango update for all Windows Phone Mango users. If you have missed the update then you can visit our how to force the Mango update using Zune for detail instructions. Windows Phone users tried and confirmed that successful update without waiting for Update message from operators. We hope you are having a great time with brand new Windows Phone Mango update.

Do let us know about your Windows Phone Mango experience.

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