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Mi Box to be released as early as Q4 2016 and at minimal $100.

Mi-BoxThe wait is finally over, with Xiaomi is expected to introduce itself to the US market with the release of the Android set-top box , which will be the first mainstream product to be released by the company in the US. Xiaomi is already a prime seller of smartphones in more than 10 different countries worldwide ,which include it’s homeland China ,in addition to Singapore ,India ,Hong Kong ,Indonesia and various other local markets. It’s first major jump away from the Asian markets came the previous summer with an introduction of it’s smartpohones in Brazil.

After a silent period pertaining to the sale  ,following the release and demonstration of the Andriod set-top box(Mi Box) ,at the Google I/O in May, recent reports claim that the Mi Box will now be made available for sale in the US and various chosen markets and can be expected as soon as the Q4 of 2016. Although there have not been many reports about the cost of the Mi Box it is expected to be valued at less than $100.

The Mi Box is very similar to Apple TV however it is Android  powered . Various features include an impressive 4K video at 60 FPS and is backed by Dolby Digital Plus audio playback. There is a quad -core ARM processor, 8GB internal storage in addition to 2GB RAM , Mali 450 GPU, and compatibility of HDMI 2.0a . You can also expect a controller that can be used to play Android games on your TV.

It is believed that Xiaomi had previously refrained from entering the US markets mainly due to the non-availability of Patents in the US, however with the recent patent obtained with Microsoft , could finally speed up the process of it’s introduction into US markets. This comes at a very critical time for the company following it’s drop in sale figures to below Huawei in various important local Asian Markets.

According to an interview by Hugo Barra (the company’s International head of department) with Bloomberg , hints towards the movement of Xiaomi to the US mobile market are in process . The introduction of the Mi Box will be a testing pad for the company ,in addition to making itself be better known in the US as a competitive brand , although previous efforts in this respect were solely from the phone accessories, sold online both in Europe and the United States.



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