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MeeGo is still Alive Official, Intel looking for Development Partner, MeeGo Death was Rumor

In a recent rumor MeeGo was reported dead on various technical blogs however Intel’s Vice President, Doug Fisher took a serious note of the news and has responded that “nothing is changing” at Intel. He also confirmed that Intel is committed in development of MeeGo which is a big sigh of relief for the MeeGo users especially N9 and N950 users. However he also added that Intel would love if somebody joins them for MeeGO development,

“We will continue with development. It’s just a question of who is going to help us shape that.”

Although we have heard in the past that Samsung is interested in acquiring MeeGo however with this statement it becomes clear about Intel’s dedication to MeeGo development. Samsung was also purportedly buying the WebOS however that came untrue as HP Officially dumped WebOS and HP TouchPad.  Keeping in view that MeeGo is not a meant for smartphone rather more tablet oriented and infotainment operating system e.g. cars we have not seen devices comping equipped with the OS.

Source WallStreetJournal via GSMArena

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