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Manage Address Groups in iOS[How to Tutorial]

iOS device owners might have already fedup of not having an option of sending email on Contact groups. Up till now you need to type in 10 to 20 names every time you need to email a group which is due to  non availability of group functionality in iOS. It is also considered as a major shortcoming of Mail on iOS devices. However, iOS 5 release is just around the corner, so we have that Apple will probably build this feature in iOS 5 by the time it goes on live.

We are not going to wait for this feature till the release of iOS 5. There are a couple of different methods available and they’re actually all quite simple to use. If you choose to find a solution in Apple App Store then there are paid applications available at App Store such as ABContacts ($4.99) which let you create and manage mail groups. But you would rather want an app which cost nothing and allow you to to manage groups.

It would be great if you get a change to build your own solution.  In order to create an email group for use on your phone, create a new contact  in Address Book of your Mac by giving it a unique name. Type or paste email addresses separated by commas  in the email field. Now whenever you need to send an email to your group, just type the same group contact name in the address field which you have just created and there you go. Although this procedure initially involves a little bit of work to create a group as compared to app-based alternatives but good part is, it’s totally free and you can also customize the list pretty quickly on a Mac and then sync it to your iPhone to save lots of clicks.

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