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MacBook Pro Scheduled to launch in October , said to come with OLED Touch Bar and Finger ID

Mac users have been eagerly anticipating a change to the various devices in the Mac Line , and they will not have to wait much longer than late October , according to recent reports. apple Users can expect a redesign to the MacBook Air , MacBook Pro in addition to the iMac hardware. Latest reports claim that Apple is scheduling a Mac related event set to be held in late October , and most likely these rumours are true as all the Mac Devices are in dire need of a recharge. It is still unclear whether these statements are legit , however lets hope these changes will soon be available to Apple users.

macbook-pro-touch-idThere has been much speculation over the transformed MacBook Pro , which Apple has been busy working on  during the last few weeks , getting ready for launch. The new MacBook Pro will support macOS 10.12.1 ,which will be required to run the TouchID technology and OLED touch- based panel that are rumoured to be present in the new devices. In addition to this the company is reportedly ready to shift to the latest Polaris graphics Chip , which will be present according to which MacBook Pro model that you select.

oled-screenAccording to reports by MacRumors :

“Our understanding is that Apple is planning to seed one more beta version of macOS 10.12.1 for developer and public beta testing early next week, with a goal of finalizing the software update by the end of that week so it can be loaded onto the new hardware currently being produced by Apple’s supply chain partners.”

If we take a look at the MacBook Air , there are rumours pertaining to the fact that Apple will introduce a new USB-C Port , and also a brand new range of iMacs, featuring the latest AMD chips, are also said to be expected for release .


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