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LTE Testing On iPhone 5, iPhone 4S By Apple And Carriers

September is just around the corner and stories about new iPhone are building up as time goes by. Now discussion has been going on if upcoming iPhone which is expected to be launched in first week of october will support built in 4G LTE wireless networking.

BGR Says:

BGR has obtained evidence of an internal iOS test build from one of Apple’s major carrier partners, and buried in the firmware is a property list (.plist file) for LTE. This doesn’t necessarily mean every Apple device that’s about to be released will feature an embedded 4G LTE modem, but it certainly means Apple isn’t sitting on the sidelines as 4G LTE networks continue to roll out around the world.

However on the other hand The Cell Phone Junkie it is quite unlikely that Apple will get the chips which will be required for it before 2012:

Typically, a switch in chips would require a 3-4 month production process on Qualcomm’s part for the initial order. This would mean if the iPhone 5 was using anything other than the MDM6600 for an October release, we would have likely heard about a leak (like the one from the The Street for it launch) for the switch to something different. And unless Apple is pushing the device launch into early 2012, I don’t see a chip switch happening this year.

Everything is possible for Apple but it is still unlikely thatApple will launch an LTE-equipped iPhone 5 due to many reason such as battery life, as well as the fact that Americans are currently least interested in LTE equipped devices.

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