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Locate your Lost or Stolen Android without prior Installation Prey Anti Theft Android Market

If you have lost your Android Phone and neither you know how to trace it back nor you have installed any software for tracing you phone before losing it or getting it stolen. No problem we will tell you the procedure below to trace your device back.

Visit Android market and login with your credentials, now search for Prey Anti Theft Application and you will reach this link and choose the remote installation option so that this Application is installed remotly as you dont have acess to your Android phone. After few mintues check from market place that whether the application is installed or not. If installed you can visit Prey’s web center and see the Pin point coordinates of your Android phone as well as SIM credentials.

Prey Android Market Description,

Track down your lost or stolen phone or tablet.

Open source, cross-platform anti-theft tracker. Prey lets you keep track of *all* your devices easily on one place. Android version supports:

– GPS + Wifi geo-location.
– SIM change detection.
– SMS or Push (On Demand) activation (2.2+).
– Lock phone/tablet for privacy (2.2+).
– Uninstall protection (2.2+).
– Loud alarm sound.
– Alert messages to user.

Now its is advised that you report your local police that you have found the location of your phone and take them along for pin down rather than doing police job yourself.

However, it is recommended that all Android users install and setup Prey beforehand for your device security and to be prepared for any unforeseen.

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