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Localized Apps for Android Lets You Launch Apps In Any Language

If you want your Apps to RUN in your native language without changing the language your Android OS then Thanks to XDA-Developers community who always come up with a solution.  This time, it’s forum member thiagolr who has developed an application which creates shortcuts and then further allow you to set language and country code you would like each app to use.

The procedure is lengthy as it requires a change of language upon entering and exiting the app but still much quicker than changing the language manually. In the words of the developer(thiagolr):

This app allows you to create shortcuts and choose which language each shortcut will use. Extremely useful for people who like to use the phone in english and want to use a specific app on another language!

EXAMPLE: Android system in English and run google maps in Portuguese

Localiation of totally dependent on the languages offered by third party application. If it is not supported in application then Android will not be able to translate it as well. However its workaround is available in which you can change the system language during the app execution.

You can download the application from Android Market for Free.

Source [Link]

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