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List of Working/Not Working Jailbreak Tweaks on iOS 5 [Updated]

If you are a regular user of Koolmobile you must be aware of the development going on for the upcoming iOS 5 for which iOS 5 Beta 6 has been released nearly a week ago which is the 5th revision of iOS Betas for Developers. Although the iOS Beta are destined for developers only but Jailbreak community has offered Sn0wbreeze and Redsn0w Jailbreaks for iOS 5 Beta 6 which allows normal iPhone users to upgrade to iOS 5 Betas.

Therefore if at all you have upgraded to iOS 5 Beta you must be looking after Jailbreak tweaks and applications which are compatible with iOS 5 Beta and which are not. For the same reason iBattaglia at Google Docs has complied the list of famous Jailbreak Tweaks and Applications which Work/Do not Work on iOS 5 Beta. List is as under,


iOS 5 ONLY Tweaks Description / Repo
UISettings SBsettings Alternative (Repo: http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta/ doesnt work on iPad)
Cloudy Notification Center Notification Center Theme, (WinterBoard)
DreamView Notification Center Notification Center Theme, (WinterBoard)
iOSView Notification Center Notification Center Theme, (WinterBoard)
WidgetTask Multitasking Bar On Nottification Center – Coming Soon (Repo: http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta/)
MusicCenter iPod Info On Notification Center (Repo:cydia.wrightscs.com)
RSSWidget for iOS 5 Add a RSS Widget on the iOS 5 Notification Center. (Repo: http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta/)
BatteryCentre Widget Shows your current battery % and if its on charge or not. (Repo: cydia.wrightscs.com)
Nyan Cat Widget Download DEB file from: http://goo.gl/KTDfa


Tweak Compatibility
3G Unrestrictor Yes
AppSync Yes
AppSync For iOS 4.x+ Yes
GrooveShark. Yes
Dreamboard Yes
Direct Closer Pro Yes
FolderLock Yes
MxTube Yes
LSRotator Yes
DeleteMail Yes
PerPageHtml Yes
DietBar Yes
PagePusher Yes
VerticalAppToApp Yes
Five Icon Dock Yes
PreferenceLoader Yes
Manual Correct Yes
FakeCarrier Yes
Chatpic Yes
App Switcher Yes
Fastr Yes
EZdecline Yes
Switcher Rotator Yes
OpenSSH Yes
Fake Clock Yes
Backgrounder Yes
App Switcher Brightness Yes
PictureMe Yes
iFile Yes
MarkThatMessage Yes
Icon Maker Yes
NoSpot Yes
Cydelete Yes
Bolt Yes
gpsPhone 6.6.7 Yes
FirewalliP Yes
PDA net Yes
BytaFont Yes
afc2add Yes
FolderCloser Yes
60 Second Lock Screen Yes
QuickLock 2 Yes
Toggle SSH Yes
OpenSSH Yes
WiFi Booster Yes
Black Keyboard Yes (a little buggy)
Pandora Skip Hack 3.1.4 Yes
Installous 4 Yes (Use ONLY with “AppSync For iOS 4.x+” Not “AppSync”)
Unlimtones Yes (“Make Ringtone” Crashes The App)
AppInfo Yes (Just can’t use the alphanumeric bar on the side to scroll)
Barrel* Yes  For More Info See Footer >> *
Move2Unlock* Yes For More Info See Footer >> *
Fake Operator* Yes For More Info See Footer >> *
Artist Switcher Yes
MobileTerminal Yes ( v520-1 works)
PrivateSMS Yes
Five Icon Switcher Yes
Callme Yes
HomePage Yes
Lockdown Pro* Yes (only if previously set up) For More Info See Footer >> *
WinterBoard*** Yes  (To get winterboard to work, just delete the two “LibHide” files from the MobileSubstrate dynamic libraries folder,/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ .)


Also, some themes will not display correctly/fully.

YourTube 2 Yes (Installs and downloads, but when choosing to play the video from the app itself it closes. It won’t allow you to import over to your iPod Library since Music and Videos are now [2] separate apps.)
Iskyphone Yes
Lockscreen Clock Hide Yes (Not the original version but unofficially ported to ios 5 by @H1_5_2_U)
SBSettings Maybe (Works for some)
Cyntact Maybe  Works fine for some, however photos do not display in contacts list only in Favourites under phone icon.
BiteSMS Maybe (For some people)
Activator* No (Causes Safe Mode) For More Info See Footer >> *
Music Controls / Pro** No (Causes Safe Mode) For More Info See Footer >> **
LockInfo** No (Causes Safe Mode) For More Info See Footer >> **
SB2Cloud** No (Causes Safe Mode) For More Info See Footer >> **
BTStack GPS No (Causes Safe Mode)
Gridlock No (Causes Safe Mode)
Infinifolders No (Causes Safe Mode)
Infinidock No (Causes Safe Mode)
QuickReply No (Causes Safe Mode)
SBRotator No (Causes Safe Mode)
LiveClock No (Causes Safe Mode)
3dBoard No (the tweak installs fine but no 3d effect even if previously set up) For More Info See Footer >> *
PkgBackup No  (Crashes Upon Load)
n64iphone No  (Crashes Upon Load)
xBackup No  (Crashes Upon Load)
AppVault No  (Crashes Upon Load)
SwitcherMod No (Crashes Upon Opening the Multitasking bar)
AppSlide No (Depends On “Activator”)
GraviBoard No (Depends On “Activator”)
Colorkeyboard No  (Crash When Viewing KB)
Covert No (Installs fine, button shows (unaligned) but crashes when you press Safari)
SwitcherPlus No (causes reboot failure; must restore to stock)
Safari Download Manager No (Causes “Safari” To Crash)
Iconoclasm No  (Repeated Safe Mode Crash)

(had to remove icon support as well as iconoclasm to get out of safe mode)

MusicInfo No (Installs OK But Messes Up Status Bar)
iPicMyContacts No (Shows the welcome screen of the app/tweak itself, but when adding a contact and going back to the main part of the app it closes.)
Brightness Switcher No
FBphotoSave No
FBUploader No
FolderEnhancer No
AlertArtist No
Iphonedelivery No
Mewseek pro No
Dreamstore No
Theme it No
Scrolling Board No
iBlacklist No
NoWiggle No
PhotoMail No
Photoalbums+ No
PwnTunes No (puts your device into Safe Mode while transfering photos, wont even find transfered music)
ShowCase No
Five Icon Folder No (installs and lets you put more apps into folder, but you cant scroll to get to them)
Click2call No
Locktopus No
HDR 3Gs No (removes Camera.app from Springboard when enabled in Winterboard)
Back to Top Contacts* No
Insomnia Pro No (Causes Safe Mode)
Multitasktures No (The Gestures option shows up but the gestures              doesn’t works)
vWallpaper No
Video Ringtone No

Note: Jailbreak on iOS 5 Betas is tethered therefore we dont recommend you to upgrade your device to iOS 5 Beta however if you still want to give it a try make sure that you save your SHSH blobs using  TinyUmbrella or iFaith before upgrading to iOS 5 Beta. SHSH Blobs will allow you to downgrade your firmware later when required.

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