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List of Jailbreak Apps Now Integrated in iOS 5

We have recently reported you about the release of Apple’s iOS 5 along with new features embedded in the firmware. Some of the features which were not available in previous versions of iOS have become a part of iOS5 such as LockInfo, Notified, MobileNotifier etc. There are some more handy features which are now available in iOS 5 and will not require your device to be jailbroken.

List of Jailbreak Tweaks which are now available in iOS 5:

  • Camera volume button snap – FastSnap, SnapTap, CameraButtons
  • Camera editing enhancements – Snapture
  • Access camera from lockscreen – Snappy
  • Photo albums in Photo – PhotoAlbums+
  • Private browsing in Safari – Covert
  • Wi-Fi sync with iTunes – Wi-Fi Sync
  • Use while syncing with iTunes – Synchronicity, FreeSync
  • Enhancements to Mail – Mail Enhancer
  • Rich text in Mail – Rich Text
  • Mark multiple emails as read – Mark Read
  • Delete individual calls – Call Delete, MobileLog
  • Text shortcuts – Xpandr
  • New gestures – Activator
  • Custom vibrations – Vibrafications, MyProfiles
  • Dictionary – “Define” Action Menu Plugin
  • Tone Store – AnyRing, ToneFXs
  • Emoji – Vmoji
  • Stream HD Youtube content – My3G
  • FaceTime over 3G – My3G, FaceBreak
  • Contact pictures integrated in message display – ChatPic

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