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List of Jailbreak Apps Now Integrated in iOS 5


We have recently reported you about the release of Apple’s iOS 5 along with new features embedded in the firmware. Some of the features which were not available in previous versions of iOS have become a part of iOS5 such as LockInfo, Notified, MobileNotifier etc. There are some more handy features which are now available in iOS 5 and will not require your device to be jailbroken.

List of Jailbreak Tweaks which are now available in iOS 5:

  • Camera volume button snap – FastSnap, SnapTap, CameraButtons
  • Camera editing enhancements – Snapture
  • Access camera from lockscreen – Snappy
  • Photo albums in Photo – PhotoAlbums+
  • Private browsing in Safari – Covert
  • Wi-Fi sync with iTunes – Wi-Fi Sync
  • Use while syncing with iTunes – Synchronicity, FreeSync
  • Enhancements to Mail – Mail Enhancer
  • Rich text in Mail – Rich Text
  • Mark multiple emails as read – Mark Read
  • Delete individual calls – Call Delete, MobileLog
  • Text shortcuts – Xpandr
  • New gestures – Activator
  • Custom vibrations – Vibrafications, MyProfiles
  • Dictionary – “Define” Action Menu Plugin
  • Tone Store – AnyRing, ToneFXs
  • Emoji – Vmoji
  • Stream HD Youtube content – My3G
  • FaceTime over 3G – My3G, FaceBreak
  • Contact pictures integrated in message display – ChatPic

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  • Leonard A

    While iOS 5 does give you a bit freer use of your 3G connection, there are some apps that restrict features to WiFi connections only (for the academic community, Blackboard Mobile is one notable example). When using such apps, My3G is invaluable.

  • Tiri Sal

    i believe tonefx not working with ios 5
    also if somebody confirm mobilelog working with ios 5

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