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Linux on Your Jailbreak iPhone4, iPad and iPod Touch 4 Coming Soon

Jailbreak community is always in hunt of breaking the barriers and recently @BluerisEN has succesfully installed Linux Desktop Operating System onto iPhone and iPad equipped with  Apple’s A4 processor. The news has just come when there is a lot of buzz about porting Android on HP TouchPad. But there is a catch not all Apple iDevices are eligible for this installation as its only supported on Apple’s A4 processor supported devices iPhone 4, Original iPad and iPod Touch 4 i.e. iPad 2 with Dual Core A5 Processor can not have Linux Desktop Version installed due to hardware mismatch. This news was made public by tweet from one of the Linux port team’s developers BluerisEN.

One of the main benefits of running Linux on iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch 4 will keep these devices active in the market even though the Dual Core Successors of these devices will become available in the market. As these devices become obsolete in just a short span of one or one and a half year so tweaks like these could keep the balls rolling.

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