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Latest video released by Samsung which pertain to the Design Story behind the Samsung Gear S3

samsung gear s3Following in the footsteps of the Gear S2,which is considered one of the leading smartwatches to be developed , Samsung has now introduced the Samsung Gear S3,which is said to be even better than it’s predecessor. There have been many reports on the many interesting features that users can expect to find in the Gear S3.

Samsung has taken ideas for the innovation of the Gear S3 from the world renowned analog Swiss time watches to develop what they refer to as a “timeless watch”. Samsung has  released a video that shows the whole story behind the creation of the Gear S3 and step by step of it’s coming to life.

As previously reported, there are two versions of the Samsung Gear S3,namely the Frontier-which is aimed to cater for the more adventurous user(as it’s name implies) and is more of a sports watch while the Classic caters more to the professional youth that are looking for a more practical and easy to handle watch. Both of these watches are special in their own right and cater to different users.

Both have a very aesthetically appealing to the eye and wonderful to touch ,mainly due to the stainless steel 316L casing (this is the type of steel that is mainly found in premier Swiss watches). Advancements in the software that is featured also enhance the quality of the watches and make these one of the hottest and trendiest watches available.

You can watch the Video here:




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