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King Of Fighters-i Updated – 6 fighters added for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Couple of decades ago King of Fighters was the action game that every one knew what it came to 2D action gaming on Atari & Nintendo. Thanks to folks at SNK Playmore for developing King of Fighters for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to take you back in good old action days. King of fighters-i features stunning graphics and virtual touch pad to give you the feel of same old amazing game play experience. Touch control buttons are aligned to best fit the screen and maximum area is dedicated to game play. Not only the old comers rather new comers will also enjoy the stunning action game play King of Fighters-i offers.

King of fighters-i contains key combinations triggering special attached for each fight contender in 4 different game play modes i.e. Team vs Team 3-on-3, Single vs Single 1-on-1, Endless and Training. You can visit the gallery and earn some goodies which can also be gifted to other friends as King of Fighters-i support Game Center. Also the leadership and achievements are available in Game Center.

King of Fighter 1.01.00 introduces 6 new fighters as stated at AppStore,

“Iori Yagami”, “Mature”, “Vice”, “Elisabeth Branctorche”, “Shen Woo”, and “Duo Lon” join the original cast of 14 characters of “THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i” for a total of 20 fighters available! These 6 new entries will increase the number of possible teams, allowing you to create teams that suit your fighting style. In addition to these additional characters, new trading cards and illustrations you can view at any time in “Gallery” Mode have been added!*Please note that you can not transfer your replay data when updating your “THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i” application from version 1.0.0. to version 1.0.1. Thank you for your understanding.

Sneak preview King of Fighters-i in action,

Source AppStore

You can install King of Fighters-i 1.01.00 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by following the procedure here for trial but please buy for 4.99 US$ it if your like it.

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