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Justin Bieber Tweets To 11 Million Fans From His Jailbroken iPhone

Justin Bieber, one of the most renowned young male singer who debuted at number one, within the top ten of several countries and also a chart-topping itunes artist has been spotted of using jailbroken iPhone.

He has been spotted by iDownloadBlog and seems that it was not a little JailbreakMe action.

The gloss-lipped, helmet-haired muppet with the voice of the most siren of castrati uses a jailbreak Twitter extension called qTweeter to Tweet to his
11 million followers.

Not only is he a dreamy artist and a philosopher of our times, he’s also a rebelSwoooooooon. If only his music wasn’t barf, but hey, he’s only, like, four years old and plenty of time for his art to become as sophisticated as his Cydia hacks.

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