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Joypad – Play iOS Games On Apple TV Via iPhone, iPad And AirPlay [VIDEO]

If you are one of the lucky owner of iPhone, iPad and Apple TV then you can enjoy playing iOS Games on Big Screen using Joypad Application provided the game you downloaded supports Joypad API. The Joypad API uses the power of AirPlay by which it streams the content to Apple TV over the air and extra controls are left for the iPhone. Free Joypad Application avaiable at getjoypad.com turns your iPhone, iPad into a nintendo like game controller and streams your game to Apple TV for big screen gameplay. The best part is that controller buttons and layouts are customizable so you can adjust according to your wish.

The bottom line is there would be very few owners of there devices but certainly if your are one of the lucky one then Joypad is a real gaming treat. And with such a utility we may call that Apple has joined the bandwagon on Big Screen gaming consoles likes Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation without actually doing anything.

Sneak Preview Joypad in action,

Source:  Redmond Pie

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